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Ten Container Garden Tips for Beginners

If you wish to create a container garden that lasts, you have to pay attention to the details and get everything ready to ensure your plants grow healthy and strong.

Containers can be a big investment but the payoff in what it adds to your garden is worth it.

Here are some of best tips for successful container gardens.

1: When you purchase a container, check to see if they offer a warranty.

If you purchase your pots from your local garden center, they may cost more, but the garden centers typically work with pottery dealers they trust to provide durable products. Ask about a warranty.

2. Now there is a great solution to keep pots light

Many gardeners shy away from large ceramic pots because once they fill them with soil, they are impossible to move.Use the product that keeps pots light; is reusable and 100% recyclable

3.  Drainage is a MUST. You don’t need a zillion holes, but you need at least one per 12 to 18 inches of surface area.

For example, on a trough that is 36” long x 18” wide, drill (2) ¾ inch holes, 12 inches apart along the center. When you purchase your pot check for a hole; if not, ask them to drill one for you. There is usually no charge for this. Now that there is a drainage hole, what do you place over it?

4. Use a Drain Shield from PACKING PEARLS.

Why? It adheres to the hole inside the pot and guarantees drainage. The patented design allows excess water to drain, and lets oxygen flow to the roots. Easy to install, just leave the Drain Shield in your pot and your plants will thank you for it!

5. If you have an old tile, break it apart and slide it underneath the pot being careful not to cover the pre-drilled hole.

By raising the bottom off the ground/surface at least ¼ inch, the drainage will continue to flow.

6. Some organic soil mixes are very smelly. take a whiff from a sample bag or ask your garden center for one less offensive, especially if you are placing the pot near the front door or patio seating,

NEVER scoop garden soil up and use it in your pot. It is too heavy and may contain weed seeds. We recommend bagged, soil-less, organic potting soil from your local garden center.

7. Always water when soil is starting to dry to the touch, but do not over saturate. Fertilize every 7 to 10 days and make sure soil is moist before fertilizing.

Many gardeners find watering their potted plants to be a very relaxing part of their day but may not be sure how much or how often to water. Depending on the size (large pots can hold moisture longer than small pots) and your weather conditions, containers may need watering every day. On very hot days watering more than once that day is most likely necessary.


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